8″ Stiff Scrub Brush – Poly Bristles


This rugged scrubbing brush is perfect for cleaning floors and other rough surfaces. The densely packed, stiff bristles are excellent for scrubbing away heavy soils and stains.

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This 8″ scrubbing brush features stiff black polypropylene bristles set on a durable plastic block. The brush is solvent-resistant when used with appropriate chemicals to remove marks and stains on masonry and other hard surfaces. It comes with a 48″ Threaded Metal Handle to quickly and effectively remove liquids from flooring. Ideal for commercial and institutional applications.

Product Features

  • Sturdy plastic block
  • 2″stiff polypropylene bristles
  • The filling is solvent-resistant
  • Comes with a 48″ wooden handle
  • Removes caked on grime with minimal effort
  • Durable construction for extensive use

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