Bulldog Round Wood Bolt-On Utility Scrub Brush- Union Fiber


This heavy-duty Bulldog utility scrubbing brush will aggressively remove the toughest stains and grime.

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The Bulldog Round Wood Utility Scrub Brush is made with union fibre bristles, a combination of Tampico and rugged bassine fibres, and has a thick, round hardwood block for easy grip. This heavy-duty scrubbing brush can take on the toughest cleaning jobs. Get your BullDog Connector and 60″ Wooden Handle to effectively use this brush.

Product Features

  • Made with union fibres (Tampico and bassine blend)
  • Sturdy round wood block
  • Bolt-on design
  • Designed for heavy-duty scrubbing
  • Compatible with Bulldog handles with bracket

Additional information

Weight 0.643 kg
Dimensions 73.7 × 53.3 cm


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