Venus Curved Magnetic Broom – Wood Handle


The Venus Curved Magnetic Broom is lightweight and comes with a 48″ wood handle. Perfect for fine sweeping in residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

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This sturdy and high performance curved broom features flagged fibre ends that trap dust rather than push it around. Thanks to a magnetic system, it quickly picks up lint, dust, small debris as well as the finest particles. The bristles are not affected by moisture, can be rinsed clean and dry quickly. This lightweight indoor broom comes with a 48″ wood handle and is easy to manipulate. Pick dust and debris up by using the Venus Curved Magnetic Broom with the Metal Lobby Dust Pan with Lid.

Product Features

  • Bristles made of soft, synthetic fibres
  • Flagged fibre ends
  • The curved head allows for better reach
  • Sturdy 48″ wood handle
  • Great tool for fine sweeping
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