12″ Saturn Deck Scrubbing Brush with 48″ HD Metal Handle


The Saturn Deck Scrubbing brush features short, stiff bristles that allow you to scrub off tough stains. Ideal for cleaning various surfaces including wood, vinyl, ceramic, shower walls and more.

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The heavy-duty 12″ Saturn Deck Scrubbing Brush features short angled bristles that can help you remove tough stains and grime on floors and grouts. The durable construction and stiff fibres allow for a lasting use. Thanks to a 48″ metal handle, this scrubbing brush is easy to manipulate and works well on uneven floors and walls. For detailed grout cleaning, try the grout brush with scraper.

12″ Saturn Deck Scrubbing Brush – Product Features

  • Constructed with stiff fibres
  • Short angled bristles to scrub more efficiently
  • Sturdy, 48″ metal handle
  • Ideal for removing tough stains on tiles and grouts
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
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