20″ Long Handle Detail Brush


This gentle scrubbing brush is made of durable molded plastic and full-synthetic bristles that stand up to years of detailing use.

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Featuring a rugged plastic block with green flagged polypropylene bristles that can be used in wet or dry conditions, this detail brush with a 20″ long handle is the perfect tool to scrub and clean dirty surfaces effectively. The durable plastic construction won’t crack or dent and the densely packed fill is chemical resistant. Ideal for commercial kitchens and restrooms. Also available in a smaller 9″ Detail Brush.

Product Features

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Green flagged polypropylene bristles
  • 20″ long handle for better scrub control
  • Makes tough cleaning easier in harder-to-reach spaces
  • Great tool for commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning and maintenance

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