BreakAway Dust Mop Handle – Metal


Made of sturdy metal, The BreakAway Dust Mop Handle is available in a variety of colours.

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The BreakAway Dust Mop Handle is made of metal and is compatible with all BreakAway mops. Durable and rust-resistant, the BreakAway mops feature a steel collapsible design, allowing for hands-free removal of soiled mops. Pair this handle with the BreakAway Dust Mop Frame and the BreakAway G-Stat Dust Mop to have a super clean surface.

Product Features

  • Made of sturdy metal
  • 60″ length
  • Also available in aluminum, wood or fiberglass
  • Bolted fastener
  • Allows 360° swivel action

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