Snapper Dust Mop Frame


Snap-on style dust mop frame for 5″ wide mop heads.


The Snapper Dust Mop Frame is an easy snap-on style mop frame, designed to accommodate 5″ wide dust mop refills. Can be bought in a range of widths, varying from 18″ to 72″. Its durable construction ensures longevity of the product. The Snapper Dust Mop Frame has a smooth black finish that reduces snags on dust mops. Compatible with all Snapper dust mop handles.

Product Features

  • Snap-on frames for ease of use
  • Durable construction
  • Smooth finish reduces snags on the dust mop
  • Comes in packs of 12
  • Black finish

Additional information


DF-SN5, DF-SN518, DF-SN524, DF-SN536, DF-SN548, DF-SN560, DF-SN572

Pack Qty



18 Inch, 24 Inch, 36 Inch, 48 Inch, 60 Inch, 72 Inch


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