3″ Cotton Dust Mop


Heavy-duty 3″ cotton dust mop with dense fill and cut ends that can help reduce deterioration of flooring.

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Our heavy-duty 3″ cotton dust mop is made of one of the highest grades of cotton yarn on the market and is designed to help keep the floors clean in areas where mopping is difficult. This durable tool features a strong polyester backing with reinforced stitching and can be washed if necessary. Opt for this 3″ cotton dust mop for a quick and efficient cleaning routine. Can be installed on a Clipper or a Snapper dust mop frame.

3″ Cotton Dust Mop – Product Features

  • Durable, high quality cotton yarn with cut ends
  • Dense fill for greater dust retention
  • Strong polyester backing with reinforced stitching
  • Can be cleaned easily by shaking, brushing or vacuuming
  • Ideal for large areas and high-traffic floors
  • Can be washed in a mesh bag if necessary

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