Wedge Dust Mop with Frame and 48″ Handle


This cleaning set includes a wedge dust mop with electrostatic charge to retain dust, a frame and a convenient 48″ handle. It is perfect for household chores.

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Versatile and economical, this dust mop with frame and handle is perfect for household chores. Save time and labour by removing dust and dirt from your floors with this high quality set before mopping. The household wedge dust mop is durable and highly absorbant, and it features cut ends and a sturdy polyester backing with reinforced stitching. Thanks to the long 48″ handle, you’ll be able to have a better reach and clean under furniture. The mop head can always be replaced with a new wedge dust mop refill.

Product Features

  • Dust mop with cut ends
  • Long 48″ handle for a better reach
  • Economical cleaning set
  • Designed for small living or working spaces

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