16″ X-Large Plastic Clip-On Dust Pan


The sharp edge of our plastic and metal dustpans makes them ideal for sweeping fine particles without leaving dirt on the floor.

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Keep your space clean with the M2 dust pan! Made of durable plastic, this dust pan is built for repeated use in any environment. It is tough yet flexible, offering increased versatility. This dust pan includes a thin rubber lip to allow for maximum pick-up and prevents that pesky line of dirt from being left behind. The built-in hanging slot means you can save space and store the product when it’s not in use.

1) Made of durable plastic
2)Thin Rubber edge for maximum dirt pick-up
3)Flexible design for greater versatility
4)Perfect for any cleaning application
4)Built-in hanging slot for space saving

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Weight 0.129 kg
Dimensions 35.6 × 21.6 cm


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