Flexible Lambswool Duster with Telescopic Handle


M2 lambswool dusters are great for all purpose dusting and are made from 100% lambswool. Includes a telescopic handle.

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The Flexible Lambswool Duster is a magnet for dust! Its 100% lambswool attracts and captures dust with ease. Perfect for hard-to-reach spots like corners, crevices, ceiling fans, and blinds. The telescopic handle reaches high areas effortlessly and can be extended up to 50″. The quality material of the lambswool duster can be washed in warm soapy water. Also available as the 26″ Lambswool Duster.

Product Features

  • Made from 100% lambswool
  • Includes a telescopic handle
  • Overall Length Closed 55” – Open 74”
  • Extra Long Flexible Head
  • Telescopic handle for hard to reach places
  • Reusable : can be washed in warm soapy water

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