Duo-Chamber Mop Bucket with Roller Wringer


Duo-chamber mop bucket with roller wringer separates dirtywater from clean water, keeping floors sparkling clean.

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The duo-chamber mop bucket and roller wringer combo is the best cleaning system for microfiber flat mops. Crafted in high grade polypropylene and features two compartments to separate clean water from dirty water, a drain valve to facilitate the dumping process and swivel casters for better mobility. The roller wringer is equipped with a mop handle clip-on holder to keep the mop upright in the bucket and a side arm for easy wringing.

Duo-Chamber Mop Bucket with Roller Wringer – Product Features

  • Made of high quality polypropylene
  • Bucket with two compartments and large side handles
  • Non-marking swivel casters for better mobility
  • Roller wringer with mop handle clip-on holder
  • Side metal arm with rubber handle for easy wringing
  • Best cleaning system for microfiber flat mops

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