18″ Disposable Microfiber Pad with Scrub Strip


M2 Disposable Microfiber pads with scrubbing strip helps reduce cross-contamination by removing 99.7% of viruses and bacteria. Made for single use.

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The disposable microfiber pads with scrubbing strip are crafted from tear resistant microfiber material and effectively trap and lift dirt, dust, and germs from surfaces. The scrubbing strip helps with the removal of stubborn stuck on grime. With M2 Disposable Microfiber pads, each cleaning task is performed with a fresh pad, reducing the risk of transferring bacteria from one area to another.

Ideal for hospitals, foodservice, offices and commercial settings, these disposable microfiber pads provide a safe and efficient cleaning experience that promotes a healthier environment for everyone. Reduce cross-contamination risks, and enjoy the convenience of disposable pads that deliver amazing results.

Pair this disposable microfiber pad with a Aluminum Velcro Flat Mop Frame and a Non-Threaded Fiberglass Handle to get the perfect cleaning combo.

Product Features

  • Removes 99.7% of bacteria
  • 18″ x 5″
  • Scrubbing strip for stubborn dirt
  • Single use
  • Tear resistant
  • Compatible with the Aluminum Velcro Flat Mop Frame
  • Ideal for healthcare, foodservice, offices and commercial settings

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 26 × 47 cm


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