Grout Brush with Scraper


Grout brush with scraper that can be handheld or used with a threaded handle.

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This grout brush scraper is the perfect narrow scrub brush and grout cleaner brush. It is specifically shaped to clean deep into those grout lines. The stiff bristles are wear and tear resistant and will clean dirt, soap scum and mold without ever damaging tiles or grout lines. The scraper can easily remove stuck on grime. The strong plastic handle is shaped for maximum comfort and power. The brush also has 2 threaded openings to use it with a Threaded Metal Handle in an angled or straight position.

A variety of assorted brushes are also available, like the 5″ Ergonomic Hand Scrubing Brush, the 9″ Detail Brush and the 7″ Detail Brush.

Product Features

  • Narrow grout brush
  • To use with or without a threaded handle
  • Integrated scraper for tough stuck on grout
  • Stiff bristles
  • Will not damage grout or tiles
  • Comes in packs of 6

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 53.3 × 33 cm


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