1″ Twisted Wire Brush for Snake


Use this 1″ Twisted Wire Brush for Snake to prevent pipes from clogging. A must-have tool in the food processing industry.

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Featuring a unique twisted wire design and dense nylon bristles, this 1″ Twisted Wire Brush for Snake helps you clean pipes and drains effectively. It can scrub off the the toughest debris, ensuring that your pipes are clean and free of blockages. Durable and economical, this brush can also be used in a colour coded system. Also available in a wider 2.5″ Brush Size.

Product Features

  • Durable metal construction
  • Twisted wire design for effective scrubbing
  • Can be used in a colour coded system
  • Compatible with most snakes
  • Ideal for use in the food processing industry

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FP-TW5210, FP-TW5210-BL, FP-TW5210-WH, FP-TW5210-GN, FP-TW5210-RD, FP-TW5210-YE

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Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow


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