Metal Moss Squeegee


Spread sealers and coatings, or remove cleaning products and water from the floors in a quick and efficient way our Metal Moss Squeegee.

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Our Metal Moss Squeegee is designed to spread sealers and coatings, and works well on uneven surfaces like tile, grout and brick. Its heavy duty rubber blade digs deep into the crevices of the floor to remove liquids and helps speed up the drying process. The Metal Moss Squeegee is compatible with the Tapered Wood Handle. It can also be combined to a Threaded to Tapered Insert to be able to use a handle like the Threaded Fiberglass one.

Product Features

  • Made of rust resistant metal and Dura-Flex rubber
  • Efficient on large surfaces
  • Works well on almost all surfaces
  • Handle not included
  • Perfect for professional use and to clean a large surface

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FS-M, FS-M18, FS-M22

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