60″ STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle – Wood


The STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle made of wood has a practical foot pedal for hands-free release of mop heads. Ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

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The innovative STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle features a foot pedal that allows you to release mop heads without touching the frame. Thanks to small hooks, you can lift the mop head and dispose of it without using your hands. The 60″ wood handle is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle can be used with narrow band mop heads, like the Valu-Blend Cut-End Mop.

STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle – Product Features

  • Made of reinforced high impact plastic
  • Sturdy, 60″ wood handle
  • Hands-free mop release for a more sanitary routine
  • Comes in packs of 12
  • Made in Canada

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