ProMop Combo with Blue Loop Mop & Handle


The M2 ProMop series combo includes a Step-N-Go metal handle and a Blue Loop Swinger™ mop head. Professional grade products at an affordable price.

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The M2 ProMop Combo is made of a Step-N-Go 60″ metal handle and a narrow Swinger™ looped-end mop head. This scratch-free mop head is safe to use for all your cleaning needs. The looped-end synthetic blended yarns ensures a thorough and efficient clean every time. From industrial cleaning to janitorial services, hotels and restaurants, this mop head is the go-to solution for any cleaning job. The foot pedal on the Step-N-Go handle allows you to release the mop without touching it. The mop hooks allow the user to lift the mop head without touching to easily grasp the soiled mop and place it into a garbage receptacle or washing machine.

ProMop Combo – Product Features

  • Durable 60″ Step-N-GO metal handle with a hands free release feature
  • Mop head made with 4-ply synthetic blended yarns
  • Can withstand repeated laundering
  • No break-in is necessary
  • Highly absorbent mop with mid retention
  • Perfect for general cleaning or any restaurant environment
  • Made in Canada

Additional information

Weight 0.545 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 21.6 cm


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