Swipe-It Green MicroFibre Flat Mop Kit


This flat mop kit is ideal to quickly and easily remove dirt and bacteria from floors in residential and commercial applications.

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Dust your floors thoroughly before washing them with the practical Swipe-It Green Microfibre Flat Mop Kit. It includes a durable 18″ dry pad, a sturdy velcro frame with a 360° degree swivel head and a telescopic metal handle. The dry mop pad is made of high-quality microfibre yarn with looped ends and features a durable velcro backing. It picks up and holds dust and larger debris effectively to keep small spaces such as offices, classrooms, fitness studios and stores clean. Also available in a Swipe-It Micro-PET Flat Mop, Swipe-It Microfibre Flat Mop, Swipe-It M-Tech Flat Mop and Swipe-It MicroScrub Flat Mop kit format.

Product Features

  • Mop head made of high-quality microfibre yarn with looped fringe
  • Lightweight telescopic metal handle
  • Aluminum velcro frame with trapezoid shape
  • 360° degree swivel head
  • The pad is washable and reusable
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications

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