Microfiber Tube Mop


The Microfiber Tube Mop has twice the cleaning strength of cotton mops and is great on rougher surfaces.


Introducing the Microfibre Tube Mop with Loop-ends, the ultimate solution for deep cleaning your floors with ease. With its innovative tube design, this mop allows for superior productivity and minimal drag, making cleaning effortless. Its tailband design prevents tangles and offers better coverage, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. The wide band is specifically designed for scrubbing away scuff marks and stubborn dirt, making it an ideal tool for rough surfaces like terrazzo tiles, garage floors, and more. Thanks to its microfibre construction, this mop reaches deep into floor surfaces for an unparalleled clean. Experience the power of the Microfibre Tube Mop with Loop-ends and elevate your floor cleaning game to a whole new level. Its wide band can be paired with a Jaws Mop Handle. Use it with a down press wringer to easily extract water.

Product Features

  • Available in medium (green) or large (blue)
  • Wide band
  • Loop ended
  • For use on medium to rough surfaces
  • Tube design with reduced drag

Additional information


MW-TM, MW-TM396, MW-TM600

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Medium, Large


Blue, Green