Glacier Nylon Floor Finish Mop


Best performing finish mop for buffing high-gloss surfaces with very little product waste.


The Glacier Nylon Floor Finish Mop is a high-quality product designed to achieve a professional, high-gloss floor finish. Made from monofilament nylon yarn, this mop is non-linting, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish. Its low retention minimizes waste and increases cost-effectiveness. The Glacier Nylon Floor Finish Mop is also easy to maneuver, reducing user fatigue. Additionally, this floor maintenance tool has the added benefit of absorbing roughly a third of its weight, which minimizes wastage when rinsed. You want to complete your cleaning and waxing job without getting your hands dirty? Pair this mop with the STEP-N-GO Wet Mop Handle.

Product Features

  • Lint-free
  • Monofilament nylon material
  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • For cleaning and waxing floors
  • Loop style
  • Low finish retention for less disposal
  • Absorbs roughly a third of its weight for minimal wastage when rinsed

Additional information


MW-W, MW-W16, MW-W20, MW-W24, MW-W32

Pack Qty



16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz


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