12 L Heavy-Duty Bucket with Cone Wringer


Ideal for wringing detachable strip mops and yacht mops. The removable cone enables the bucket to be used for general purposes.

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M2’s 12 Litre Heavy-Duty Bucket with Cone Wringer is crafted from high-impact molded plastic, making it durable and reliable. The convenient plastic handle allows for easy transportation, while the integrated caution sign ensures safety of the passing people. The 12 litre capacity is ideal for cleaning a good size area without having to change the water too often. The funnel type wringer is the perfect shape for use with wet mops such as the Rayon Detachable Yacht Mop or the Detachable Strip Mop Refill with 48″ Metal Handle. This pail can also be used on its own for general cleaning purposes simply by removing the wringer, making it a perfect 2 for 1 item.

Product Features

  • Removable funnel type wringer
  • High impact molded plastic
  • Has a caution sign on the side of the pail
  • Includes a plastic handle for easy transportation
  • 12 L capacity
  • Made in Canada

Additional information

Weight 0.789 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 cm


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