Palmyra Coarse Sweep Push Broom


The Palmyra Coarse Sweep Push Broom is durable and strong, perfect for rough cleaning jobs.

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Palmyra fibre is a natural wood fibre made from the stalk of palm trees and known to be exceptionally stiff; it is particularly effective on rough and unfinished surfaces. The Palmyra Coarse Sweep Push Broom is resistant to friction and heat and works well indoor or outdoor and in wet or dry conditions. This broom is designed to sweep large and heavier debris. Pair it with a threaded wood handle and metal braces for additional support.

Palmyra Coarse Sweep Push Broom – Product Features

  • Made entirely of natural fibre that poses no harm to the environment
  • Heavy-duty and long lasting
  • Water-resistant
  • Provides enough stiffness for scrubbing
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor

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