Spray Xpress Bucketless Mopping System


The Spray Xpress Floor Mop is an all-in-one tool designed to do general cleaning.


Eliminate the big mop bucket with the all-in-one Spray Xpress Mopping System and get rid of user fatigue. Easily move through the space and maneuver this versatile floor dusting, cleaning and waxing tool. Simply activate the dispencer to spray the content of the 32 oz bottle. It can be filled with your favorite floor cleaner.
Can be used for wet mopping with the 16″ M-Tech Microfiber Flat Mop.

Spray Xpress Floor Mop – Product Features

  • Spray Xpress Mopping System includes frame and bottle
  • 32 oz bottle capacity
  • 16″ frame length
  • Wet mopping and waxing tool
  • Easy to dispense gravity dropped solution

Additional information

Weight 1.814 kg
Dimensions 12.1 × 10.2 cm

SE-9, SE-9000, SE-9001

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