Grouting Sponge


This heavy-duty Grouting Sponge is used to wipe off excess grout from joints and can withstand heavy duty clean-up.

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Designed for grout clean-up during floor and wall tile installation, this Grouting Sponge conforms to your hand. It features round corners to prevent digging out or marring joints. Dense and absorbent, it quickly washes out grout and is also great for general purpose cleaning and washing cars and boats. Once the grout is washed off the tiles, let it dry an clean it with the Grout brush with Scraper.

Product Features

  • Made of tear resistant cellulose
  • Professional, heavy duty sponge with high density
  • Hydrophilic design for great water retention
  • Rounded corners
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, drywall, auto and marine cleaning

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