Eraser Sponge – 2 Pack


Stock up on the versatile Eraser Sponge with this convenient pack of 2. Quick and effective cleaning awaits you!

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Designed to effortlessly remove fingerprints, marks, stains, dirt and grime on hard sufaces, this Eraser Sponge is a must-have tool for residential, commercial and institutional maintenance. With only water, it can clean the grimiest surfaces, no detergent or chemicals required. The sponge can be used on walls, bathtubs, oven doors, light switches and much more. Also comes as a single sponge, in a Regular Eraser Format or a Large Eraser Format.

Product Features

  • Made of micro-abrasive foam material
  • Does not leave scrubbing marks, scratches, and does not damage surfaces
  • Just wet the sponge and squeeze out excess water before each use
  • Does not require chemicals
  • Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications

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