Premium Scouring Pad – 6″ x 9″


The heavy-duty scouring pad quickly and efficiently remove stubborn dirt and grime from pots, pans and equipment.

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This Premium Scouring Pad can easily remove burnt-on food and other tough messes from cookware, broilers and grills. It is made of mineral and adhesive synthetic fibres and features an open construction that is easy to rinse out. Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Also available in a more economical format as the EconoLine Scouring Pad. Looking to cobine it with a sponge? Try the Heavy Duty Foam Sponge with Scouring Pad.

Product Features

  • Size: 6″ x 9″
  • Made of mineral and adhesive synthetic fibres
  • Can be used with hot water and detergents
  • Do not use on glassware, plastic, porcelain, coated or painted surfaces and polished finishes
  • Non-rusting alternative to steel wool
  • For residential, commercial and institutional use
  • Wrapped in packs of 10

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