Target Anti-Splash Urinal Screen


Use this long-lasting and easy to install urinal screen with a target design to reduce splash-back and help users to aim.

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The Target urinal screen is made from high-quality materials and its long-lasting construction makes it an excellent investment for any business. It features a target to help users aim correctly and to reduce slippery mess on the restroom floor. Quick and easy to install, it reduces splash-back, neutralizes unpleasant odors and emits a fresh scent. Perfect for commercial and institutional applications. Looking to keep the washrooms smelling even fresher? Combine this urinal screen with the Air-Mist Metered Spray Dispenser and any of the Air-Mist Spray Refills available in 8 different scents.

Product Features

  • Features a unique design with target for improved aim
  • Prevents debris from clogging drains
  • Deodorizes up to 30 days
  • Available in 3 fragrances

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WA-US4, WA-US40, WA-US41, WA-US42

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Berry, Mint, Tropical Fruit