28″ Caution Wet Floor Sign – English / Spanish / French


M2 28” yellow floor sign communicates the necessary warnings and maintains safety Heavy duty construction provides long life

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This 2-sided bright yellow wet floor sign is printed with “CAUTION Wet Floor” in both English and French, so everyone can clearly see, read, and avoid the area. The hinge system and taller design makes them stronger, preventing them from flattening out. The 4-point stance prevents them from leaving marks on finished floors.

1)Alert pedestrians to potential slip-and-fall hazards
2)Double sided design for optimal visibility
3)Bright color and bold graphics are easy to see and read
4)Made of durable plastic
5)Hinge system prevents them from collapsing 6)Simply folded for easy storage

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Weight 1.037 kg
Dimensions 31.8 × 72.4 cm


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