9″ Microfibre Doodle Bug Refill – Looped End


The 9″ Microfibre Doodle Bug Refill with looped ends has a high absorption capacity and strong cleaning power.

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Made of durable and performant microfibre, the 9″ Doodle Bug mop head refill can is highly absorbent and can withstand extensive use and repeated commercial laundering without fraying, linting or getting tangled. It features dense yarn and looped ends and has a durable velcro backing that securely attaches the refill to the frame. Use this pad with the 9″ Doodle Bug Frame for an efficient cleaning tool.

Product Features

  • Made of hard-wearing microfibre with looped ends
  • Minimal fraying, tangling, or linting
  • Highly launderable
  • Velcro backing with extra stitching
  • Ideal for repeated use
  • For commercial and industrial applications

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