Cotton Detachable Yacht Mop


Cut-end style yacht mop in cotton for maximum absorbency.


Experience superior quality cleaning with the Cotton Detachable Yacht Mop, crafted using high-grade cotton yarn known for its exceptional absorbency and floor-drying capabilities. Equipped with a sturdy and durable connector that is compatible with threaded mop handles, this mop guarantees long-lasting and efficient use. Remember to break in your cotton mop by soaking it in water to eliminate any natural oils and debris, ensuring maximum performance for every cleaning task. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Cotton Detachable Yacht Mop by pairing it with a down press wringer!

Product Features

  • Cut-end style
  • Premium quality cotton yarn
  • Universal handle socket
  • Comes in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz or 16 oz
  • Also available as a combo with a 48″ metal handle

Additional information


YM-Y, YM-Y108C, YM-Y108C-M348M, YM-Y110C, YM-Y110C-M348M, YM-Y112C, YM-Y112C-M348M, YM-Y116C, YM-Y116C-M348M

Pack Qty



8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz