BreakAway Cotton Dust Mop


The durable BreakAway Dust Mop is made of high grade cotton yarn with cut ends and is ideal for institutional and commercial building maintenance.

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The durable Breakaway Dust Mop makes it easy to keep floors free from dust and dirt. Made of high quality, densely-packed cotton yarn, it features cut ends and a sturdy polyester backing with reinforced stitching. Economical and top rated, this dust mop works well on a variety of surfaces. The BreakAway dust mop can be used with the BreakAway dust mop frame.

BreakAway Cotton Dust Mop – Product Features

  • High quality cotton yarn with cut ends
  • Dense fill for greater dust retention
  • Strong polyester backing with reinforced stitching
  • Absorbant and economical
  • Ideal for schools, commercial buildings and contract cleaners

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