Universal Flat Mop Frame


The Universal Flat Mop Frame has been designed as a break away type frame.

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The Universal Flat Mop Frame is a foot operated frame that lets you release mop pads easily and without getting your hands dirty. This guarantees maximum hygiene and safety, making it an ideal mop frame to use in the healthcare industry. It has been designed to adapt itself to any mop or cloth on the market. The Universal Flat Mop Frame is equipped with removable and replaceable velcro, making it compatible with the Micro-PET Velcro Flat Mop for example. When paired with the Looped Microfiber Flat Mop Pad, it can also be a great tool to clean walls. When used with a wet mop, this frame should be used with the Roller Wringer and the Duo-Chamber Mop Bucket.

Product Features

  • Foot operated frame for handsfree mop replacement
  • Adapts to any mop or cloth on the market
  • Equipped with removable velcro
  • Ideal for healthcare settings
  • Compatible with a roller wringer

Additional information

Weight 0.395 kg
Dimensions 10.2 × 0.6 cm


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