Heavy Duty Cellulose Sponge with Scouring Pad


Streak free heavy-duty cellulose sponge doubled up with an aggressive green scouring pad.

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Experience the power of dual-action cleaning with our two-layer heavy-duty cellulose sponge with scouring pad. The green scrubbing layer effortlessly tackles tough stains and stubborn dirt, while the yellow scratch-free cellulose sponge layer gently wipes away dirt and particles. Built to last, these sponges and scour pads are durable and maintain their shape, avoiding the common issues of regular sponges falling apart or cracking easily. Even when faced with tough burned food, these sponges stand the test of time, so you can confidently scrub, wipe, and clean without worry.

They are perfect not only for dishes, pots, and pans but also ideal for sinks, stoves, bathrooms, and other cleaning tasks. With 10 sponges in each pack, you’ll always have a reliable cleaning tool at your fingertips.Enjoy the benefits of our highly absorbent and streak-free cellulose side. It easily wipes away dirt and food particles without leaving scratches or streaks. After each use, simply rinse with water to maintain freshness and quick drying, ensuring they stay odour-free. Also available in a Heavy Duty Foam Sponge with Scouring Pad format.

Product Features

  • 2 layers: cellulose sponge and green scouring pad
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Super absorbent
  • Streak free
  • Made for multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaning
  • Comes in packs of 10

Additional information

Dimensions 31 × 18 cm


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