Plastic Detail Brush – Nylon


Opt for this hand held plastic detail brush with soft nylon bristles to break up light stains, dirt, and debris.

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This plastic detail brush is effective for removing stains and embedded dirt from tile and grout. The durable nylon bristles can be used in wet or dry conditions and are resistant to stains and odors. The long handle is easy to grip for better scrub control while the angled bristles provide better surface contact.

Looking for a grout brush that can be used standing up? Try our Grout brush with Scraper with a Threaded Metal Handle.

Product Features

  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • Long handle for better scrub control
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Bristles are acid, mildew and bacteria resistant
  • Long lasting, all-purpose brush for residential, commercial and institutional applications

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