MicroPet™ Looped End Dust Mop


Our MicroPET™ Dust Mop with looped ends is environmentally responsible and contributes to a positive company image, as well as a cleaner living and working space.

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Eco-friendly and effective, our MicroPET™ Dust Mop with looped ends is made with a blend of microfiber and PET recycled plastic. The dense yarn provides the same excellent level of cleanliness as a regular dust mop while being environmentally responsible. Versatile and more durable than cotton, this mop is fully launderable and does not require any treatment. Easily wring this mop with a down press wringer or a side press wringer.

Micro-PET Dust Mop – Product Features

  • Yarn made of microfiber and PET recycled plastic
  • Sturdy polyester backing with reinforced stitching
  • More durable than cotton
  • Does not require any treatment
  • Fully launderable
  • Ideal for institutional, commercial and industrial building maintenance

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