Heavy-Duty Cellulose Sponge


Durable and less likely to crumble than a regular sponge, this multi-faceted cellulose sponge is a great choice for a range of commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

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Cellulose sponges are much more eco-friendly than plastic sponges since they go through a less toxic manufacturing process and are completely compostable, which means they degrade in landfills. This Heavy-Duty Cellulose Sponge is 10 times more absorbent than a regular sponge and can be used to cleans dishes, countertops, appliances, tile, glass, showers, tubs and much more without shredding. It is durable and tear resistant. Need a sponge that is tougher on grime? Try the Heavy Duty Cellulose Sponge with Scour.

Product Features

  • Tiny holes in the sponge absorb and hold liquid
  • Resists bacterial odour/li>
  • Durable, tear resistant
  • Eco-conscious choice
  • Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications

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